Looking for a van to rent? Or perhaps a scooter for cruising along the coast? We have a beautiful fully restored Mercedes 508D van available as well as a choice of two scooters. Get in touch with us to discuss the various hire options available to you.

We would like to add the van is not available for long distance trips due to logistics should anything happen to the van. The Van can be used for distances of up to 250kms from Cape town. So this can be for camping, surf trips, festivals etc etc.






Hi friends, We have now been on the road for just over 3 months and have stayed in many amazing places but Stormsriver mouth is definitely at the top of our list! So much to see and do, so rugged and wild on the weather days, yet peaceful and blissful on the hot and calm days. From walking the suspension bridge to making our way to the waterfall that meets the ocean, swimming in a fresh water rock pool mere meters from the ocean! Water temperatures that are just perfect no matter where you decided to swim, ocean, rock pools or in the swimming pool at the campsite, all were inviting.

We were joined by two of our close friends Mac and Brad which made it just that much more enjoyable and special. Swimming, snorkelling and exploring the coastline has been a blast and definitely memories we will carry with us forever.

We highly recommend this spot and all it has to offer.


So we finally made it to Nature’s Valley after being in Wilderness for 40 days! Such amazing times were had in what is definitely our favourite little coastal village. The best memories were made but it was time to move on as we were getting itchy feet again. We made a quick stop in Natures Valley where we were blown away by the beach and beaufiul lagoon. We enjoyed a kayak mission on a cooking hot summers day and a picnic with some wine and snacks 🙂  Now we absolutely stoked to make it to Stormsriver Mouth where we are staying right next to the sea! Stay tuned for our next post which will cover this area and show you what its like.




Hi Folks! Hope everyone is having an incredible festive season! Its been a crazy one our side as Shannon did a quick three day round trip to Spain to help out a friend and deliver some Decor to the Global Party Family that is Elrow. I was out at sea also doing some work but fortunately got back to land on the 24th of December, which allowed me to have a beautifully chilled Xmas eve and day with Shannon and our lovely friend Katie.

While with Katie, we took her dogs for a walk and a dip in the rock pools along the promenade in mosselbay. Ate cheese all damn day with a mouthwatering cheese platter at lunch followed by a delicious dinner, ended off with chocolatey post dinner treats.

Since then we have returned to Wilderness to soak up some sun, surf and hike, get some work done, have a few beers and ride out the last days of 2017.

We hope you all have a magical New Years Eve celebration and that 2018 treats you, in every great way possible! We believe its going to be a year to remember for sure!

Much love from the two of us,

Kyle and Shannon


Where does one begin to try and explain something that leaves you speechless? We are so blessed to have been able to spend time at our friends family river house! It was one of the most peaceful and beautiful spots we have ever been to for sure. The nature sounds and calls of around 6-8 different bird species is just phenomenal! We have never heard or experienced anything like it before. Normally you hear birds in the morning, but in this particle area there are many species which must call this area home. Trees and forest in every direction, yet so lush it almost feels like the jungle.

Such lovely sunny days spent lazing by the river, boating and swimming, tanning , drinking wine and beer! This is what life should be about. Good times with good friends in nature. We will never forget it!

Now we are camped at Fairy Knowe backpackers in wilderness for the next 3 months. Shannon is doing some work there over the season and I am doing a quick job again in Mosselbay. Looking forward to hitting the road up north again but also very happy to be able to spend the festive season in the beautiful Garden Route.

We will continue to share any adventures we go on while here, with you all.

Oh yes! We submitted our van to a competition online with my van.com for the best van conversions and we won! Woohooo 😀 Check it out here: l.php



Its been a while since our last Blog post, Kyle was working at sea for a week in Mosselbay, while i stayed back at the Point campsite and took some much needed time to make and create some jewellery.

We left Mosselbay yesterday and made a Plett stop at Keurbooms Camp site which we had never heard of or been to, but very glad we have now experienced it. A beautiful camp site right on the lagoon, beautiful blue gum trees and lush grass throughout the campsite. We will definitely be back here one day!

Now we are heading into the town of Plettenberg bay to get supplies before making our way to Tsitsikamma Forest, for what is our favourite music festival ever! Freaky Forest! All of our special friends are joining us so we are incredibly excited for this next week of fun and shenanigans! We will not be making any posts on our blog for the next 5 days but stay tuned for an awesome post about Freaky Forest and the beautiful festival it has become.

Much love

Kyle and Shannon


Hi Folks! Its been a wonderful week out here in the Garden Route. Since we left Mosselbay we made our way to a beautiful 500 Hectare Game farm where we attended an amazing little festival called Psykiss…. It was a beautiful gathering of like minded people and we can assure you A LOT of fun was had 🙂

From there we made our way to our favourite little town in the world, Wilderness! We used to live here in 2014/2015 and it was honestly the best time of our lives! So much to see and do and just a lovely vibe all round. We are now camped at Ebb and Flow rest camp, our first time here and it is absolutely incredible! We are right next to the waters edge, Egyptian geese waddling passed and all the sounds of nature one could hope for. It is so beautiful here we never want to leave!

We have decided to hang around here for a bit because we don’t want to be on the roads during December time as its dangerous and chaotic and wish to rather stay where we have friends then risk drunken drivers and breaking down during the silly season.

We are going to keep up with the adventures around here and provide you guys with some cool things to see and do while in this area! Then at the end of the month go to Tsitsikamma which is only two hours away.
Lots of love

Kyle and Shannon


What a great time we have had in Mosselbay! Its one of our favourite places to come and chill, swim, surf and walk around. Kyle lived and worked here when he was younger so knows the area well and we also have some friends here so always great to reconnect and come back to have a proper relax session!

We stayed at the Point campsites which was lovely. Close to everything, safe, peaceful and going to sleep with the sound of waves every eve is an added bonus.

We have been enjoying riding our new bicycles a lot which has been fantastic for some added excersice and good clean fun. One particular journey comes to mind where we had spent the eve at friends for a lovely fish braai, saw that the weather was pulling in so finished our drinks and climbed on our bikes…. moments after leaving, the heavens opened up so we road home while it rained, just over a kilometre so not far at all, but such FUN! We were happy to make it back to OMvi though that is for sure!

We also spent quite a bit of time with our friends Doggies, Sabai and Emiko, two chocolate border collies who we love to death! Taking them for walks and swims is definitely a highlight for us as they love and appreciate it as much as we do taking them. Watching them swim is the best!

Overall we have only positive things to say about Mosselbay and recommend it to anyone who wants to really take things slowly and even get a little bored. Its the perfect place for doing a lot of nothing, but also a lot to do if you feel like adventuring!



This last week has been quite busy but in a goooood way! 🙂 Kyle has been surfing, and with that got to see some Dolphins within meters from him, at the Inner Pool surf spot at The Point in Mosselbay! Such a beautiful feeling! Then moments after that a whale breached, as well as slapping his fins on the surface of the water for a few moments before disappearing into the deep abyss. We have also walked the town flat, exploring all the antique shops and just getting out and about by foot.

Then the weekend came where we went with some friends to an incredible house on the Kaaimans river, overlooking the river, with the river mouth in the distance. So beautiful!  We drank wine and danced, got loose and a little weird…. But had the BEST time with an amazing group of Garden Route friends! We love this place so much!

Then lastly, We got ourselves some bicycles so we can do some healthy activities and rides as there are some great places to explore by bike along the Garden route. More pics of these adventures coming soon 🙂


We have spent two nights and 2 full days in the quaint and beautiful town of Montagu. What a clean and friendly town with many things to do, from hiking, to the warm water springs, basking in the sun and taking in the amazing views of mountains that reach into the sky! The mountains themselves are such a sight, you can see how the land has shifted and the bends and turns in the mountains themselves! We highly recommend a visit here! We also met some awesome boere couples who came to chat to us and view the inside of our van. They themselves also have motorhomes and the one elderly couple have been on the road for four months and plan to continue with this lifestyle for another three years before retiring to a farm up North. Quite inspiring as its good to know that people are doing this long term and not just for a quick weekend away, which is definitely our plan, living in a van for as long as we can!

Today we went on a beautiful hike between the mountains to Avalon springs where we popped in for a swim in the heated pools, then made our way up to a cave that was very high up. Worth the trip! Then made our way back to our campsite where we had another swim in a hot spring pool, caught up on some work and admin, while preparing a delicious veggie stew! A full and awesome day!