StormsRiver Mouth

Hi friends, We have now been on the road for just over 3 months and have stayed in many amazing places but Stormsriver mouth is definitely at the top of our list! So much to see and do, so rugged and wild on the weather days, yet peaceful and blissful on the hot and calm days. From walking the suspension bridge to making our way to the waterfall that meets the ocean, swimming in a fresh water rock pool mere meters from the ocean! Water temperatures that are just perfect no matter where you decided to swim, ocean, rock pools or in the swimming pool at the campsite, all were inviting.

We were joined by two of our close friends Mac and Brad which made it just that much more enjoyable and special. Swimming, snorkelling and exploring the coastline has been a blast and definitely memories we will carry with us forever.

We highly recommend this spot and all it has to offer.



Natures Valley!

So we finally made it to Nature’s Valley after being in Wilderness for 40 days! Such amazing times were had in what is definitely our favourite little coastal village. The best memories were made but it was time to move on as we were getting itchy feet again. We made a quick stop in Natures Valley where we were blown away by the beach and beaufiul lagoon. We enjoyed a kayak mission on a cooking hot summers day and a picnic with some wine and snacks πŸ™‚Β  Now we absolutely stoked to make it to Stormsriver Mouth where we are staying right next to the sea! Stay tuned for our next post which will cover this area and show you what its like.