Bliss at the river

Where does one begin to try and explain something that leaves you speechless? We are so blessed to have been able to spend time at our friends family river house! It was one of the most peaceful and beautiful spots we have ever been to for sure. The nature sounds and calls of around 6-8 different bird species is just phenomenal! We have never heard or experienced anything like it before. Normally you hear birds in the morning, but in this particle area there are many species which must call this area home. Trees and forest in every direction, yet so lush it almost feels like the jungle.

Such lovely sunny days spent lazing by the river, boating and swimming, tanning , drinking wine and beer! This is what life should be about. Good times with good friends in nature. We will never forget it!

Now we are camped at Fairy Knowe backpackers in wilderness for the next 3 months. Shannon is doing some work there over the season and I am doing a quick job again in Mosselbay. Looking forward to hitting the road up north again but also very happy to be able to spend the festive season in the beautiful Garden Route.

We will continue to share any adventures we go on while here, with you all.

Oh yes! We submitted our van to a competition online with my for the best van conversions and we won! Woohooo πŸ˜€ Check it out here:Β l.php




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