Mosselbay Vibes

What a great time we have had in Mosselbay! Its one of our favourite places to come and chill, swim, surf and walk around. Kyle lived and worked here when he was younger so knows the area well and we also have some friends here so always great to reconnect and come back to have a proper relax session!

We stayed at the Point campsites which was lovely. Close to everything, safe, peaceful and going to sleep with the sound of waves every eve is an added bonus.

We have been enjoying riding our new bicycles a lot which has been fantastic for some added excersice and good clean fun. One particular journey comes to mind where we had spent the eve at friends for a lovely fish braai, saw that the weather was pulling in so finished our drinks and climbed on our bikes…. moments after leaving, the heavens opened up so we road home while it rained, just over a kilometre so not far at all, but such FUN! We were happy to make it back to OMvi though that is for sure!

We also spent quite a bit of time with our friends Doggies, Sabai and Emiko, two chocolate border collies who we love to death! Taking them for walks and swims is definitely a highlight for us as they love and appreciate it as much as we do taking them. Watching them swim is the best!

Overall we have only positive things to say about Mosselbay and recommend it to anyone who wants to really take things slowly and even get a little bored. Its the perfect place for doing a lot of nothing, but also a lot to do if you feel like adventuring!




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