Our Recent Adventures

This last week has been quite busy but in a goooood way! πŸ™‚ Kyle has been surfing, and with that got to see some Dolphins within meters from him, at the Inner Pool surf spot at The Point in Mosselbay! Such a beautiful feeling! Then moments after that a whale breached, as well as slapping his fins on the surface of the water for a few moments before disappearing into the deep abyss. We have also walked the town flat, exploring all the antique shops and just getting out and about by foot.

Then the weekend came where we went with some friends to an incredible house on the Kaaimans river, overlooking the river, with the river mouth in the distance. So beautiful!Β  We drank wine and danced, got loose and a little weird…. But had the BEST time with an amazing group of Garden Route friends! We love this place so much!

Then lastly, We got ourselves some bicycles so we can do some healthy activities and rides as there are some great places to explore by bike along the Garden route. More pics of these adventures coming soon πŸ™‚



Beautiful Montagu

We have spent two nights and 2 full days in the quaint and beautiful town of Montagu. What a clean and friendly town with many things to do, from hiking, to the warm water springs, basking in the sun and taking in the amazing views of mountains that reach into the sky! The mountains themselves are such a sight, you can see how the land has shifted and the bends and turns in the mountains themselves! We highly recommend a visit here! We also met some awesome boere couples who came to chat to us and view the inside of our van. They themselves also have motorhomes and the one elderly couple have been on the road for four months and plan to continue with this lifestyle for another three years before retiring to a farm up North. Quite inspiring as its good to know that people are doing this long term and not just for a quick weekend away, which is definitely our plan, living in a van for as long as we can!

Today we went on a beautiful hike between the mountains to Avalon springs where we popped in for a swim in the heated pools, then made our way up to a cave that was very high up. Worth the trip! Then made our way back to our campsite where we had another swim in a hot spring pool, caught up on some work and admin, while preparing a delicious veggie stew! A full and awesome day!




First Stop.. Klipkrans – Worcester

We left Cape Town yesterday on our first long drive with the Van. I will be honest, changing from a modern day car to a vehicle that is over 40 years old, has been quite the test and adjustment to make. We were stressed and even though we have done everything to ensure the van is safe, it is still a small truck that bounces and vibrates and plods along! But with this first drive, we reached our first destination and it was exactly what we needed. A beautiful setting next to the Breede River, at a campsite and game farm, called Klipkrans. It is basic but has everything we need! Fireplaces and little Braai’s, warm showers and good toilets. The river is majestic as fuck! The weather will be 32 degrees tomorrow so some swimming and tanning is happening. Yesterday and today we continued with making our van a home, the little touches and added decor to make it more comfy and homelike. Its been a great start to our trip and after months of moving, planning, working and getting ready for this trip, it has all been worth it so that we could unwind and relax with only the sounds of birds, crickets and frogs.