South African Slang, (Adj) Cool, Awesome, incredible, fuck-around etc.
The origin isn't really clear, but it's used predominantly by English speaking South Africans. 'Ey, how kiff is the vibe?

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Some Sexy Beats

StormsRiver Mouth

Hi friends, We have now been on the road for just over 3 months and have stayed in many amazing places but Stormsriver mouth is definitely at the top of our list! So much to see and do, so rugged and wild on the weather days, yet peaceful and blissful on the hot and calm […]

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Natures Valley!

So we finally made it to Nature’s Valley after being in Wilderness for 40 days! Such amazing times were had in what is definitely our favourite little coastal village. The best memories were made but it was time to move on as we were getting itchy feet again. We made a quick stop in Natures […]

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This past two weeks…..

Hi Folks! Hope everyone is having an incredible festive season! Its been a crazy one our side as Shannon did a quick three day round trip to Spain to help out a friend and deliver some Decor to the Global Party Family that is Elrow. I was out at sea also doing some work but […]

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Bliss at the river

Where does one begin to try and explain something that leaves you speechless? We are so blessed to have been able to spend time at our friends family river house! It was one of the most peaceful and beautiful spots we have ever been to for sure. The nature sounds and calls of around 6-8 […]

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So we have decided to take a break from traveling for a bit, as amazing as these few months have been, we have some admin to sort out in the city πŸŒƒ We are excited for this next adventure and will be looking forward to more #kiffmissions with OMvi soon! πŸ“Έ: @underthesun.89 (Pakkie Brak) πŸ–•πŸΏπŸ˜œ Off to the #beach! #kiffmissions #cintsa #chintsa #nature @underthesun.89 @mac_cush Dreamy Days here at Buccaneers Backpackers. Hello Mr #Giraffe ! Chintsa ! You are so beautiful 😍We love it here already and we are staying at The Buccaneers Backpackers.. we have the beach, a pool and bar right at our finger tips here 😁 looking forward to camping down for awhile here and taking it easy πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #myvan #vanlife #kiffmissions #mercedes508D #mercedes #vanlifediaries #travel #getoutside #vanlifers #vanlifestyle #vanlifemagazine #campervan #vanlifeapp #homeonwheels #southafrica #homeiswhereyouparkit  #goodtimes #vanbulous #vantastic
#vanlifecommunity #OMvi #wildcoast #chintsa We made it to #YellowSands! After a 7 hour drive we are happy to be here and have #chill time  in the #hammocks before hitting the beach and surf tomorrow 🀘🏻#kiffmissions